Victor J Hanson

High Energy Comedy Show With Impressions and Music

About Victor J Hanson

Victor J. Hanson is truly a professional host, a talented musician, a witty impressionist, and a fabulous comedian. Mix that with his zany characters and lots of audience participation, and you have a great high energy, interactive comedy show that you definitely won’t want to miss! If you’re looking for a superb comedian for your event — look no further! Raised in Toronto, Canada, Victor J. started out as a serious guitarist but always found it more rewarding to be able to make the audiences laugh. At one time, he played lead guitar in a country band, opening shows for acts such as Marty Robbins, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Family Brown, but, he decided, eventually, to hone his comedy and take acting lessons. Victor J. Hanson is one of Canada’s most sought after corporate comedians and has performed from Halifax, Nova Scotia in the East to Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, in the West, and everywhere in between. What’s best of all, is that it’s always good-natured, clean fun and humour and Victor J. seems to be having as much fun as the audiences he performs for. Everyone leaves at the end of the night having had many good belly laughs. Victor J., during the course of a typical roller coaster evening of fast-paced entertainment, also does celebrity impressions (who else could do Jack Nicholson calling his cat and have the audience absolutely convulsed with laughter!), and treats us to comedy routines by his alter-egos: flamenco guitarist, Jose PorFavor; Shamus, the Newfoundland fisherman; Garth Baldy (hero to all the follicle-ly challenged men without hair); and anyone and anything else that pops into his mind. But what sets Victor J apart from other comedians and what he is the absolute master of is his quick-witted, thinking-on-the-spot comedy and improvisation.

Stage Appearances With

  • Burton Cummings
  • Kids in The Hall
  • Red Green