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When is a comedian not just a comedian? When he’s also an actor. But seriously, folks, despite his rocket-like success as a stand-up comic, Peter Kelamis has always been something of a dramatist. That is, his humour is based less on jokes than on detailed storytelling, in which this talented impressionist plays the ensemble cast. The young Peter Kelamis sorted out life’s cast of characters by imitating them. When Peter Kelamis ran out of relatives and teachers to imitate, he resorted to slapstick or whatever was handy, and he drew on material gleaned from TV. “The breakthrough for me was watching Rich Little do impressions on his variety show. I don’t know why, but that just fascinated me. So pretty soon I was doing his stuff and cracking people up even though I had no idea who Richard Nixon was!” He made ends meet as a banquet waiter, kept at the stand-up, and excelled at improvisation in the Vancouver Theatresports company. All this led to his first appearance at Punchlines Comedy Club. Peter Kelamis had his first headlining spot within a year (extremely fast for stand-up standards) and eventually he opened for such comics as Howie Mandel and Dennis Miller. Peter’s highlight of his career to-date was improvising on stage one-on-one with Robin Williams. “Robin came up to me after the show and said, ‘You’re really, really funny.’ I mean, I didn’t go to him, he came to me!” Peter Kelamis began landing straight roles in films and on TV. He was a hit at the Montreal Comedy Festival and toured across Canada. Along with his own Comics special on CBC, and a raft of on-going voice-over jobs, he has appeared in more than thirty films, series, specials, and movies-of-the-week, most of them in the past few years.

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Notable Live Appearances

Notable Live Appearances

  • Montreal Just for Laughs International Comedy Festival

Stage Appearances With

  • Howie Mandel
  • Dennis Miller
  • Robin Williams