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Linda Tarrant

Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker on Change. Certified Speaking Professional Designation.

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Find new perspective and practical skills, tools, techniques. Linda Tarrant will show you how to equip the people in your organization with not only tools and techniques but also the hope and eagerness to put those skills into practice. She brings a sense of humor and energy that enables people to search for and find new, creative business solutions.

Linda has given people the courage to challenge their personal and corporate history ‘ whether past successes or traditions ‘ in order to thrive in a transforming world. New ways of thinking are demanded when both old world questions and answers have lost their usefulness.

Explore the power that is unleashed when people have a set of skills and a sense of hope and enthusiasm that enables them to adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment and build strong connections within their team, across the organization and with their customers. Impossible goals can be achieved. Linda will show you how to tap into that power, get people connected and act courageously even when you’re setting the trend.

A bit of background… Linda Tarrant grew up in Kentucky and has been on the move ever since, living and working across North America. She is the President of TOC Consulting Inc. and holds advanced degrees in Psychology, Sociology, Education and Counseling. She was the first woman to be inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. She also holds the prestigious designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) ‘ the PhD for professional speakers. Linda delivers innovative, thought-provoking, positive solutions to organizations across North America. Equally at home in the public and private sector, Linda enjoys long-term relationships with many clients. She will truly be an asset to your conference, leadership team or major change initiative.

Keynotes and Speaking Topics

  • Survival is a Lousy Goal If all your energies are focused on survival, you may end up protecting yourself for today rather than positioning yourself for the future. In a world where constant adaptation is the norm, taking the short-term view or resisting change can be a prescription for disaster. This fact-filled, straight-shooting and downright funny keynote will challenge you to think about change not as an event to be managed, but as an opportunity of a lifetime. Discover skills, attitudes and techniques that will help you successfully take the leap from surviving to thriving.
  • Leading with your Brain: The Physiology, Psychology and Sociology of Change Dramatic brain research demonstrates how the brain responds to new or different ideas, actions or deeply held beliefs. Insight into the brain’s role in resistance and learning and the complexity of change explains why many of our change efforts haven’t given us the results that we would like. Engaging people in the process is critical ‘ changing our attitudes and processes can make it a reality. Explore the physiology, psychology and sociology of change so that we can help others embrace new ideas, concepts, techniques and technology.
  • Asking the Right Questions: Taking Control of Your Future We have so many options and opportunities available to us and yet we can sometimes feel stuck in today. Taking control of our future demands that we take responsibility for our choices. And making the right choices requires that we ask the right questions. In this session we will focus on 20 good questions (there are more of course). Come prepared to change your perspective, ask some different questions and learn the joy and freedom of ‘letting go’. Linda will guide us through this thought-provoking, inspiring and challenging session.
  • Building a Connected Organization: Engagement is the Key It’s all about relationships, getting people connected, aligned and pulling in the same direction. It isn’t magic, but the results will be magical.
  • Embracing Uncertainty: The Key to Finding Endless PossibilitiesDiscover why are we so stuck on finding the right answer? Open the door to new ways of thinking.
  • Creating Abundance: How to Thrive in a Downturn Economy See what happens when you start your sentences with ‘I’m so glad that’ or ‘Aren’t we lucky that.’ It’s time to build a bigger pie and create an abundance mentality.

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