Jeparody – Live!

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About Jeparody – Live!

Have you ever noticed how everyone loves game shows? Now bring this all-time favorite game show to your next event!!! Complete with an 8-foot high Game Board, 3 Player Positions with Microphones, Electronic Buzzers and Scoring, incredible Sound Effects and a Game Host who has won awards for being an entertainer at the Top of His Game!!! JEPARODY – LIVE! is round after round of fast-paced competition that’s fun for everyone!!! Enjoy all of the action as contestants try to out-wit and out-guess each other for the right answers!!! JEPARODY – LIVE! is the ultimate in fun as contestants partake in the best that game shows have to offer; buzz in, answer right, and stay in the game, but get one answer wrong and you’ll be replaced by someone else on your team!!!

Too smart? Perhaps you know everything? Then the other teams may buzz you out (a very clever way to use 500 points) and again you’ll be replaced!!! Once replaced, compete in the group games (described below) until it is once again your turn to out-wit and out-guess the other teams!!!

Laugh hard as everyone partakes in the group ‘Action JEPARODY ‘ squares ‘ where teams will try their hands at 15 different group games!!! Games like: Charades, Pictionary, Name that Song, Humm this Tune, Face Your Fears, 20 Questions, Who am I, and I’ll Do That for a Dollar!!!

JEPARODY – LIVE! is played over 1 – 6 rounds where one team will come out victorious. But the fun doesn’t end there ‘ with a winning team there must be a winning individual!!! Thus starts the 10 item treasure hunt. The player from the winning team finding the most items (in 5 minutes or less) will be crowned JEPARODY Champion and awarded the Grand Prize!!!

JEPARODY – LIVE! is completely customizable and can be played by 2 to 1200 people of any age. JEPARODY – LIVE! can be played in as little as 45 minutes or can cover up to 2’ hours depending on your events needs. For the ultimate in game customization questions can be changed to include topics on your company, organization, event, etc.!!!

For the BEST in Entertainment there is only one Answer . . . ‘What is JEPARODY – LIVE!’