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Frédéric Dion

Adventurer and Speaker

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Crossing Antarctica in kite skiing; receiving an honorable mention from the General Governor of Canada for the rescue of nine skiers in the Alps in 2014; surviving four days without water, food and equipment in the winter of Lake Mistassini; running 33 marathons in 7 weeks and navigating thousands of miles in the ocean: these are some of the challenges  achieved by Frédéric Dion. Bilingual, he gave over 1500 conferences worldwide. Married to Caroline Mailhot, psychologist, he is preparing with her a book about the psychology of motivation according to the concept of the "Unit thinking". For him, everything is possible with the attitude and strategic preparation. He has developed a unique expertise to help people achieve their challenges.     


Live the adventure! Get into action

Frédéric Dion began the crazy expedition to cross Antarctica via the South Pole of Inaccessibility and the Geographic South Pole (4382 km). Using the wind to move on skis pulled by kites, the adventurer quickly understood that this ally would also be his worst enemy. Blizzard, multiple sledge breakage, fire in the tent ... the events followed one another throughout this extreme adventure. Fear and doubt have required constant management so that he can achieve this great dream. On his way, Frédéric broken three-speed records in the biggest white desert on earth.

Are you ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow? If you want a guarantee of success in your projects, you must first identify your goals and prepare strategically. Frédéric helps you identify a source of motivation and guide you toward the change. Then he shows you how the positive psychology, creativity, and motivation are powerful tools to lead you more easily and quickly to your objectives.

This presentation is, without a doubt, a show!  You will travel in the most beautiful landscapes of Alaska, Europe, and Central America.  With technical prowess blending sound, lighting, and HD images, Frédéric brings you on an unforgettable journey.  If you think that the presentation happens only on stage, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Topics:  Positive psychology, Unit thinking, marketing, public relation, change, creativity, attitude

A Dream on the Horizon: 100 Days of Kayak

At 24 years old, Frédéric Dion embarks on a crazy adventure: to cross Quebec from south to north on his own and by kayak. Afterwards, he dreams of climbing the highest mountain in Eastern North America: Mount D'Iberville. A hundred days were necessary to accomplish this trek. With captivating images, he tells us about his 2700-kilometre voyage to discover the full-scale of Quebec.

Themes: The dream, the passion, the challenge, the personal motivation, Quebec geography.  For: Corporate; general public; schools.

Alaska: From the Sea to the Summit

Frédéric and Étienne are two childhood friends. Soaking their kayak in the waters of British Columbia, they travel into the interior passage of Alaska to later climb the world's highest coastal mountain, Mount Fairweather (4663 m).

After a 1200-km endeavour, they finally see the giant. However, the wild ocean forces them to continue the road on foot in grizzly bear territory. In altitude, the climatic changes force them to adjust their project and vision of risk.

Theme: Friendship, doubt, teamwork, risk, wild nature, climatic changes. For: Corporate; general public; schools. 


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