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Bob Hooey

Motivational Speaker

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Bob Hooey outlines real-life, results-based ideas personally mined from over 29 years of rich experience in retail, sales, association and commercial leadership and management. His humorous, conversational, and sometimes provocative style continues to inspire and challenge his audiences across North America. “Idea Man” Bob Hooey is a charismatic, confident speaker who works with a wide range of clients. Bob Hooey uses personal stories based on rich experience. For example, in 1988, Bob joined three other men to sail a 65 foot gaff rigged schooner from Honolulu to Kobe, Japan, they barely survived a “baby” typhoon enroute. Bob Hooey challenges his audiences to engage his ‘Ideas At Work’, to act on what they hear, and, Bob gives them clear, easily used, building blocks. Bob Hooey’s proven techniques increase effectiveness and hone specific skills critical to succeed personally and professionally. Bob Hooey’s career and business enhancing ideas have been applied successfully by thousands of professionals and volunteers in 7 countries spanning 3 continents. Bob Hooey is the author of 9 books, as well as 11 special reports and Business Enhancement Success Tools to reinforce his various programs. In 1998, Toastmasters recognized Bob Hooey “for his professionalism and outstanding achievements in public speaking” in Palm Desert, CA. Distinguished Toastmaster, Bob Hooey became the 48th person in their history to earn this professional designation as an Accredited Speaker.” He served as District 21 Governor (1997-98) for BC’s 4000 Toastmasters.

Keynotes and Speaking Topics

  • Secret Selling Tips: Equip and motivate your sales teams to make more money and win in the selling game!
  • The Power of One! Yes, You make a difference When you dare to follow your beliefs and take personal responsibility for your own life ‘ you impact everyone around you. That kind of positive personal leadership has a ripple effect that changes the world. That’s how communities, companies, and entire countries are transformed. Entire industries have been created by one person who dared to take personal leadership. This is why the greatest men and women throughout time are remembered in history books. The fact is, you can, do and will make a difference. All that remains to be answered is, ‘What difference do you want to make?’ That’s the Power of ONE! That’s the Power of You!
  • In the Company of Leaders!: How to lead and create a culture of personal leadership and responsibility with your sales teams.Successful leaders in all industries and organizations have come to realize their primary role is to recruit, prepare, and power up other leaders. Lead your organization to a more productive and profitable level. Engage these proven ideas and techniques to equip and motivate your ‘leaders’ to take personal leadership responsibility and succeed.
  • Building Bridges – Not Walls!: Leadership, sales, career, and business success are each built on mutually productive relationships. The power of applied leadership, teamwork and vision, coupled with the inspiration of cheerleaders, coaches and champions, can create miracles. This inspiring keynote challenges your leadership and your teams to reach out and reach up in setting and surpassing their goals and dreams. Long term success is built on long term mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Big Dreams – Small Steps!: You can achieve and live your dream! You can be a million dollar sales person, and more. The Courage to Lead (Change)- Rising above the storm. Every successful team builds on the strength and dreams of its leaders. Every successful enterprise began as a dream, an idea if you will, in the mind of its founder. Building a successful career or organization/company is laid on the twin foundations of vision and strategic application. We must first dream big dreams which inspire us to action. We then follow those dreams with strategic action steps to see the dream become a reality. Leaders in a multitude of industries and professions have successfully used these skills to recruit, build and inspire winning teams.
  • Rising above the storm! How to take personal leadership when life flips you upside down or throws you into change Life happens in the midst of our plans! We need to stop, change pace, and refocus our energies on a regular basis. We need to effectively handle the changes and challenges that rise up, such a business reversal, a drought, unexpected storm or the after-effects of 9-11. Bob toured ground zero shortly after that disaster. Bob sailed through a ‘baby’ typhoon off the coast of Japan, and battled unforgiving seas for his life to attain a safe harbor in Kobe. This high impact session challenges you to change direction, as needed, and apply personal leadership to overcome the storms and challenges in your life, career, or organization.

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