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Allan Cutler

Known as the Whistleblower on the Infamous Sponsorship Scandal

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Allan Cutler blew the whistle on the improper procurement of contracts in Canada’s federal government, which led to the investigation of the now infamous sponsorship scandal. As a procurement officer in the Public Works Department, Cutler would not sign off on jobs that he felt did not follow the rules or laws. He lost his job as a result, but was later vindicated in the ensuing Gomery report, which praised him for speaking up.

Today, Allan Cutler is an ethicist dedicated to advancing ethical business practices both in government and in the corporate realm. Due to his involvement in the Sponsorship Scandal, Cutler is known as “The Whistleblower” and has a reputation for high ethical conduct. In this capacity, he offers consultation, training or speaking services in organizational ethics and whistleblowing. He is an important voice for accountability and integrity.

In addition, Allan Cutler brings over 30 years of experience and expertise to the negotiation and procurement field of business. He is capable of working on both sides of a competitive procurement. On the client side of the equation, he develops statements of work, bid documents, evaluation criteria and works on the complete procurement process from bid issuing through to the final evaluation and award. On the bidder’s side of the equation, he assists firms in understanding bid documents and in responding to bids. He also offers training.

Keynotes and Speaking Topics

  • The Fall and Rise of Ethical Leadership – Leadership should start at the top of an organization. Starting in the 1980s, we entered an Age of Entitlement and ethical leadership declined. Modern communications and the growth of large multinational firms have resulted in a return to an Age of Responsibility.The new ethical leadership which started at the low rungs in an organization are moving rapidly into the top echelons. Expectations of employees have changed. For the first time in history, they have the ability to expose problems to a large audience. They are learning that they have a voice that not only needs to be heard but that will be heard.
  • CEOs and Chief Executive Officers have to be aware of these expectations of their employees. By supporting their employees, they become leaders in returning to the Age of Responsibility. Serious breaches of law can be avoided Since Sarbanes Oxley has been passed, CEOs also have to understand how to ‘protect themselves’ from wrongdoings done by others in their organizations.
  • My approach is to walk the audience through the evolution in ethical leadership, both in the public sector and private industry. Examples are used. In smaller groups, debate and dialogue is encouraged.
  • The audience will better understand the expectations of their staff/employees and the importance in meeting these expectations. They will also understand how a whistleblowing situation can arise with all the public and media fallout. The steps that can be taken to prevent this situation from developing will also be discussed.
  • Whistleblowing and Ethics – Allan Cutler takes the audience on a journey of understanding. Starting with how it developed over the years, he proceeds to explaining what whistleblowing is and how a person becomes a “whistleblower”. Often the first realization that something is seriously wrong comes from the whistleblowers. By then it is too late to correct the problem without some public damage. Cutler shows how whistlblowers are protections for CEOs and upper management of firms and how they should be perceived. Time permitting and size of audience, interactive audience participation is encouraged.

Books and Articles

  • The Whistleblower Talks ‘ The Sponsorship Scandal

Awards and Designations

  • To The Top Canada Award – This is an award to recognize a Canadian who through their individual effort has made Canada a better place.
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